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How seaweed save the world
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Vertera products are registered with The Vega...
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How seaweed save the world

There is good reason to refer to seaweed as superfood – an ecologically safe food that not only is harmless to nature, but also helps in the restoration of marine ecosystems. Seaweed contain all vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements known and useful to humans, and most importantly – natural, irreplaceable organic iodine. Brown seaweed are the most valuable marine hydrobionts, which are of fundamental importance for the nature and ecology of the Earth.

Similar to land plants, seaweed absorb carbon dioxide, which makes about ¼ of the total amount of carbon dioxide produced by mankind. At the same time, they have been proven to produce 60 to 80% oxygen.

Thus, seaweed effectively address the problem of excess carbon dioxide, reducing ocean acidification, which is a threat to the existence of many marine ecosystems.

Seaweed produce organic matter that is consumed by underwater inhabitants, while also being a primary food for many organisms.

Several types of seaweed are effective in treating waste water, including agricultural waste. They consume pollutants as their nutrients and so, by feeding on nitrogen and phosphorus, they reduce toxic levels in the water.

Seaweed, including Laminaria, are actively used in agriculture as animal feed supplements and in horticulture – as an effective fertilizer.Laminaria also helps in the fight against insect pests, diseases, pathogens and plant infections.

Ecologically clean superfoods, primary food, biofilters, natural regenerators of the seas – that's what they are, seaweed. And we, humans, are simply obliged to preserve the balance of these hydrobionts in the world unchanged.That is why the Vertera company puts so much effort into both the study of the seaweed properties and preservation of the hydrobiont population in the White Sea.

The Vertera's philosophy is based on sustainability concept. And this philosophy starts ... in your kitchen.That is, when you learn not only the taste of a product, but also its value for the whole world, and also understand WHO made this product.

Start caring for the environment and your health with Vertera!

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