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Methods and terms of delivery

Pickup from the pickup point
g.Krasnodar, ul.Karasunskaa, d.108
g.Soci, ul.Roz, d.113, ofis 14.
g.Barnaul, ul.Malahova, d.62
g.Moskva, ul.Aroslavskaa, d.13a, ofis 8
Краснодарский край, г. Сочи, ул. Горького, д. 89
g.Perm', ul. Geroev Hasana, d.8
g. Semikarakorsk, 5 pereulok, d.25
g.Novosibirsk, Krasnyj Prospekt, 17/1
g.Sarapul, ul. Azina, d.47
g.Alapaevsk, ul.Lenina, d.9
g.Akutsk, ul.Ordzonikidze, 46/2, 606 ofis, 6 etaz
g.Omsk, ul.Tarskaa, d.13 A, ofis 514
g.Orsk, per.Teatral'nyj, d.1
g. Nur-Sultan, ul. Tauel'syzdyk, 31, ofis 200.
g.Izevsk, ul.Puskinskaa, d.181A
Stará Prievozská 2, 821 09 Bratislava
g.Moskva, ul. Rustaveli, d.14, stroenie 6, ofis 9
g. Veresagino, ul.Lenina, d. 32, 2 etaz
g.Tuapse, Novorossijskoj sosse, d.4/1
g.Cusovoj, ul.Mira, d.17
g.Almaty, ul.Egizbaeva, d.13, ofis 103
g.Krasnoarsk, ul.Robesp'era, d.7, 4 etaz, ofis 402
g.Orenburg, ul. Altajskaa d.21
g.Moskva, ul. Semenovskaa, plosad' d.7
g.Simferopol', ul.Kievskaa d.133, ofis 137
g.Niznevartovsk, ul.Hanty-Mansijskaa,d.25 b, stroenie 1
pr-kt Oktabra, d. 105/5
g. Kislovodsk, pr.Pobedy, d.94 Tel. 8 928 375 25 01
Bulgaria Sofia, street Khan Asparuh 7
g.Habarovsk, ul. K.Marksa, d.144, ofis 10
Приморский край, г. Находка, Находкинский проспект, д. 20
г. Анапа, ул. Гоголя, д. 76
Tomsk, ul.Lenina, d.163, ofis 301
g.Nytva, ul. Komsomol'skaa, d.44
ул. Ленина, д.41, этаж 3, вход "Аэрофлот"
Горький 27/1 ТЦ ВЕФА 8 этаж 403 кабинет
g.Ocer, ul.Oktabr'skaa, d.26
g.Niznij Tagil, pr.Mira, d.62, ofis 1
ul. Dzerzinskogo 3 ofis 24
g.Lys'va, ul.Kuz'mina, d.15, ofis 52
St. Boris Trajkovski 130, 1000 Skopje, Republic of NorthMacedonia
Россия, г. Воронеж, ул. К. Маркса, д. 94
g.Mahackala, ul.I.Samila, d.22a, ofis 1
g.Novosibirsk, ul.Ivanova, d.28
g.Kemerovo, ul.Sportivnaa, d.28 ofis 300
g.Kurgan, ul.Sobanina, d.1
g.Rostov-na-Donu, ul. 1-oj Konnoj Armii 15A, ofis 207
g.Ufa, ul.Hadii Davletsinoj, d.7, ofis 3
s Agapovka, Ul.Pionerskaa, d.10
g. Karaganda , ul.Gogola 34, ofis 16
Bulgaria Sofia city. Srebarna 21A str
Приморский край, г. Владивосток,ул. Комсомольская 1, офис 324
g.Rostov-na-Donu, ul.Moskovskaa, 52-54, ofis 15
Краснодарский край, г. Новороссийск, пр-кт. Ленина, д. 57
g.Vologda, ul.Batuskova, d.7,ofis 11
g.Moskva, ul.Bakuninskaa, d.14, stroenie 1, etaz 2, ofis 4
Madrid, salle de las Ventas 7 c.p.28027
g. Barnaul, ul.Vzletnaa, d.25
calle de Antonio de Leyva 16, Madrid, 28019
g.Minsk, ul.Very Horuzej, d.3, ofis 302A
g.Krasnodar, ul.Cekistov, d.38
Spasskaa 41
Nad Lesnim divadlem 1353/8, 142 00 Praha 4 - Branik
g.Barnaul, ul.Tkackaa, d.78
Serbia, Belgrade 11070,Belgrade-New Belgrade, boulevard Mihaila Pupina, 10G
Pr-kt Imeni gazety Krasnoarskij rabocij, dom 150I, of 302
g.Artem, ul. Kirova 28, ofis 226
g.Perm', ul.Permskaa, d.37, ofis 219
g.Novosibirsk, ul.Dusi Koval'cuk, d.260/2
Россия, г. Казань, ул. Рихарда Зорге, д.100, ком.12
404120 g.Volzskij, pr-t Lenina, d.118a, 2 etaz.7kab
g.Glazov, ul.Pervomajskaa, d.41 A, 1 etaz
g.Cajkovskij, ul.Vokzal'naa, d.9, ofis 25
g.Biskek, ul.Kievskaa, d.77, ofis 51
g.Saratov, ul.Moskovskaa, d.160
g.Noabr'sk, ul. Kosmonavtov 12, central'nyj vhod v salon krasoty Del'art
Rossia, g. Tumen', ul. Hohrakova, d.10
g.Arhangel'sk, pr-t Troickij, d.52, ofis 1040
g.Berezniki, ul.Lenina,d.47, ofis 210
г. Иркутск.
g.Volgodonsk, bul.Velikoj Pobedy, d.1, ofis 3
г. Пермь, ул. Ленина, д. 88, оф. 208
g.Cehov, ul.Molodeznaa, d.1
g.Sankt-Peterburg,ul.Micurinskaa, d.6
g.Krasnoarsk, ul. Partizana Zeleznaka d. 26 A
g.Ekaterinburg, ul. 8 Marta, d. 51, ofis 309
Ust'-Kamenogorsk, ul.Kazahstan, d.86, ofis 23
g.Volgograd, pr-t Lenina, d.94, ofis 112

You can independently pick up the order from the Official Representative Office, Vertera Service Center, choosing a time convenient for you and coordinating it previously with the Official Representative Office or the Service Center of the Company.

An order must be placed at the pick-up point from which you plan to collect your products.
The shelf life of the order at the office is limited, we recommend that you pick up your order within a month.

Delivery by courier in Russia
Courier delivery to the door
Delivery "to the door" means delivery to the address of the recipient, which he indicates in the order. You can activate the service of loading and unloading. The courier can deliver cargo to the apartment for free, if the cargo does not exceed 30 kg and the dimensions are not more than 270 cm, the maximum size does not exceed 200 cm. If it exceeds these dimensions, the service will be paid.
Courier delivery to DPD terminal
Delivery to "points of delivery" implies that the customer picks up the order at the point indicated in the order. Having found out in advance on our website if the size of the order is suitable for this item.
  • Delivery to the door or to 4000 DPD terminals
  • Convenient billing for departure
  • The buyer finds out about the delivery in 1-2 days, the courier informs
    about the delivery in 30 minutes
  • Delivery of bulky parcels with the service of lifting to the floor
  • Delivery on business days from 9:00 to 18:00
Cost of delivery
Specify delivery cost
in the Logistics Department by phone
+ 7 (920) 184-84-27+7 (920) 191-06-37or email
Shipping cost depends on:
The remoteness of your locality
Parcel weight: as a rule, the larger it is, the more favorable is the unit cost of delivery of each individual item
Delivery terms
Specify delivery cost
in the Logistics Department by phone
+ 7 (920) 184-84-27+7 (920) 191-06-37or email
Shipping cost depends on:
The remoteness of your locality
Parcel weight: as a rule, the larger it is, the more favorable is the unit cost of delivery of each individual item
Delivery times
1 - 4
working days

When the parcel arrives at the post office, a notification will be delivered to the address you specified. You can also check the status of the order on the website of the Russian Post


You are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided at the time of delivery (settlement, address, full name of the recipient, mobile phone number), and you guarantee that you will be at the specified address during the specified period of time with a document identifying the recipient. All problem situations associated with incorrectly entered data will be resolved at your expense.

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