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Vertera products are registered with The Vegan Society
Vertera products are registered with The Vegan Society

We are pleased to announce that your favorite Vertera products have been officially registered with The Vegan Society. On October 6, 2020, the legendary European organization-popularizer of veganism confirmed the compliance of our products with their international standards!

This registration confirms that our production, philosophy and values coincide with global ideas of veganism, caring for all living things and for your health.

What does it mean for you?

  • 100% vegetable and environmentally friendly components in the composition
  • products meet vegan requirements
  • the capacity to easily take care of the beauty and health, daily strengthening your body

Vertera products are registered with The Vegan Society

List of products registered with The Vegan Society:

  • Vertera Gel
  • Vertera Gel Forte Series
  • AngioLive Food Series
  • Juices Vertera Detox & Juice
  • Cosmetic series: Body Lotion Fucus, Body Lotion Laminaria, Vertera body Oil, Extracts complex for peeling, Professional body massage oil, Professional body serum, Seaweed biomask for face, Seaweed peeling salt.

These products will soon have the international labeling of the Vegan trademark in all markets where these products are available, and other popular Vertera products will soon be registered.

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