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vegetables rich in phytochemicals, which provide breathing apparatus required components for the normalization of physiological activity.

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Who needs a "Respirafood"

the Main effect components included in the "Respirafood", aimed at facilitating the proper working of the bronchi, lungs, and other parts of the respiratory system. This phytocomplex is great for those who:

  • plays sports and leads an active lifestyle;
  • wants to protect itself in a period of increased risk of respiratory diseases;
  • strives to provide the cells with sufficient oxygen;
  • wants to increase the body's resistance to infectious agents.

Composition "Respirafood"

All components of the product is completely natural. Pleasant taste gives him the Apple powder, and sea and Apple pectin work like a high quality adsorbents. In addition, the "Respirafood" contains extracts of:

  • the bare roots of licorice, which is one of the best cosmetics product cleansing the bronchial passages;
  • psyllium, possessing anti-bacterial activity and expectorant action;
  • marigold – a great antiseptic;
  • eyebright, with rich trace element composition, and is also able to relieve spasm of the bronchial wall;
  • burdock root, soothing inflammation of the mucous membranes;
  • sprouts of barley – good enveloping and emollient.

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