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PRO-MAX technology
AngioLive PRO-MAX

AngioLive PRO-MAX is a laminaria and fucus product with grape extract.

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AngioLive PRO-MAX

AngioLive PRO-MAX is a laminaria and fucus product with grape extract.The product can be used:

  • to prevent the premature development of cardiovascular disease;
  • as part of complex therapy in the treatment of chronic venous diseases and pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • as an additional source of organic iodine, fucoidans and quercetin;
  • to strengthen blood vessels and protect them against the adverse effects of pathological factors;
  • to reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, increased stress;
  • to maintain liver function as a hepatoprotective agent.

Active components of the composition:

  • Laminaria. A source of iodine and soluble dietary fibres (alginates) in organic form. Saturates the organism with vital vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements.
  • Fucus. Contains large quantities of fucoidans, polysaccharides that prevent damage to the inner vessel wall and the formation of plaques leading to coronary heart disease and heart attacks.
  • Grape extract. The main active ingredients, flavonoids, have a more pronounced anti-edema action and reduce the risk of blood clots.
  • Red grape leaf extract. Contains quercetin, a strong natural antioxidant. Binds free radicals in the blood and prevents them from destroying the membranes of the endothelial cells that make the inner layer of blood vessels.

The product is made using the patented PRO-MAX technology, which allows you to extract the maximum amount of valuable substances from seaweed and turn them into easily digestible for the organism.

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