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PRO-MAX technology
Smart Cocktail Apple
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Drink for a quick, healthy snack with the maximum benefits of brown seaweed (laminaria), rhodiola rosea extract and apple juice.

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Smart Cocktail Apple
3 reviews

The tasty and soft Smart Cocktail drink is the perfect snack wherever you are. Thanks to its high concentration of valuable ingredients, your organism is saturated between meals.

Each bottle of Smart Cocktail contains:

  • A restorative cocktail with a lot of nutrients
  • An easily digestible tasty drink
  • Recovery of tone after stress, high loads and previous illnesses

The drink is easy to take with you wherever you go: to work, to sport, for a walk.

Smart Cocktail is made using the unique and innovative PRO-MAX technology. The drink contains more than 140 essential elements.

Main components:

  • Laminaria

Saturates the body with iodine, promotes elimination of toxins, and contains essential vitamins and minerals to help strengthen the immune system.

  • Rhodiola rosea

A powerful natural adaptogen that can relieve fatigue and normalise biorhythms

  • Apple juice

Gives the taste of ripe, juicy fruits without added sugar

Forget about weakness, bad feeling and low tonus. Try all 3 flavours of Smart Cocktail - for big ideas and the company of friends!

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