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Vertera Gel
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Vertera's fundamental product

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Vertera Gel
16 reviews

Vertera Gel will help provide the body with iodine.

Laminaria, iodine-rich brown seaweed, is a basic component of Vertera's gel.

Laminaria has general restorative properties to maintain body functions: it provides the necessary amount of iodine for physiological metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system.

Iodine from plants (for example, seaweed and watercress) or sea fish can be easily metabolized. Therefore, Vertera Gel, the main component of which is brown seaweed, can be a great source of natural iodine.

Insufficient amount of iodine in the daily diet leads to the thyroid gland function disorder: it produces less hormones. The hormonal balance is lost, and many metabolic processes such as energy metabolism, cognitive function, and the nervous system functions are disrupted.

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