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Kasha from Russia "Yachmeny"
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as part of the sprouted grains of barley are many biologically active substances that are vital for proper nutrition of the human body.

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Kasha from Russia "Yachmeny"

Who is a natural barley porridge

the Only part of this totally natural product – sprouted barley grain. Therefore, there is such a mess is possible and necessary every day. But it is especially recommended to those who intend:

  • increase physical endurance and to build muscle mass;
  • keep the immune system in a period of high risk of colds;
  • improve your intellectual abilities;
  • ensure high productivity and ability to maintain concentration.

Sprouted grains of barley contain a number of useful components:

  • vegetable protein, which is digested and is a source of amino acids that our body to build the proteins necessary to it;
  • vitamins, particularly the b vitamins, which improves the Central nervous system;
  • trace elements – silicon, selenium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc and other, necessary for normal functioning of organs and tissues;
  • fiber increases peristalsis and excretion from the intestine of toxic substances;
  • gordetzen phytoncid possessing antifungal and antibacterial activity.
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