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Restorative body balm

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Balm helps with uncomfortable sensations in the joints and muscles. Facilitates movement and speeds up the process of recovery.

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Restorative body balm

a Unique herbal balm – a source of beneficial components for Your body. If You need such an assistant, which:

  • helps with uncomfortable sensations in the joints and muscles;
  • facilitates movement;
  • speeds up the healing process of the body;
  • can be used as a cosmetic in programs in therapeutic treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Then this balm is Your irreplaceable companion. Its rich composition has broad functions:

  • extract of rhizomes of comfrey accelerates the recovery of bone and cartilage, has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • extract badyagi has anti-inflammatory, soothing and warming effect. Improves blood circulation, increases the tone of muscles and tendons;
  • glucosamine hydrochloride increases the body's ability to produce collagen and proteoglycans necessary for the restoration of the joints;
  • camphor improves trophic tissues, increases blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, relieve;
  • chondroitin sulfate helps restore cartilage surfaces of joints reduces their degenerative changes, improve their mobility, stimulates the regeneration of cartilage tissue;
  • seaweed extract nourishes the body with essential fatty acids, improves blood flow, thins the blood, prevents blood clotting and normalizes metabolism;
  • menthol is effective in reducing inflammation, helps sore muscles, relieves spasms of various etiologies. Has a stimulating effect on the veins and improves blood flow;
  • juniper berry oil is used as analgesic and sedative for rheumatic diseases;
  • eucalyptus oil acts as an effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic and reducing agent that improves the elasticity of bone and cartilage tissue;
  • rosemary oil helps with muscle cramps, struggling with all types of pain, exerting anti-inflammatory, Antirheumatic, regenerating, antioxidant effect;
  • clove oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and warming effect, improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism.
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