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True Vision
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The Youth of your eyes. The complex of natural components – gentle care for the organs of vision.

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True Vision
7 reviews

Cosmetic tonic TRU vision will easily take care of the skin of the eyelids. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of two herbal extracts — aloe and kelp. These components contain substances that can give a previously unobtainable quality of cleansing and moisturizing.

Components of natural beauty tonic TRU vision contain substances that are involved in the activation of healing processes in the body, if You need:

  • provide complete gentle care for the delicate tissues of the organs of vision;
  • improve nutrition and accelerate tissue repair, to protect from negative influence of the environment;
  • protect from free radicals and prevention of various age-related changes;
  • for the stimulation of local immunity and provide anti-inflammatory action.

the Components of the composition provide a wide range of actions:

  • water enriched with silver ions – able to positively influence the exchange and cleansing processes;
  • seaweed extract has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antioxidant, tonic and healing properties;
  • aloe helps skin regeneration, healing of wounds, increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin, restores pH balance;
  • honey – inhibits the oxidation processes in the cells of the epidermis, slows aging and fights wrinkles;
  • adenosine increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, softens and relaxes wrinkles;
  • acemannan improves the metabolism, promotes the release of collagen, stimulating the production of fibroblasts;
  • ascorbic acid – stimulates collagen production in the dermis, struggling against all manifestations of photoaging;
  • vitamin B12 activates the regeneration processes in skin cells, eliminates wrinkles, makes skin more elastic.

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