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Tea "Beloyar" No. 11 Light breath
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Rich in substances that facilitate the inflammatory and allergic lesions of the respiratory tract, stimulate the saturation of the body with oxygen.

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Tea "Beloyar" No. 11 Light breath

Who is a tea for the improvement of respiratory function

Components of the tea No. 11 is plant extracts, contributing to the proper functioning of the respiratory system and increase gas exchange in the lungs. "Beloyar" Light breathing recommended for use, if you are going:

  • reduce the incidence of viral respiratory infections;
  • improve oxygen supply to their tissues during active sports;
  • support the respiratory system in adverse environmental conditions;
  • to take care of prevention of pathologies of the lungs and bronchi.

In the tea, No. 11, included:

  • Iceland moss is an expectorant, in addition, rich usynovili acid – herbal antibiotic, the overwhelming multiplication of staphylococci and streptococci;
  • sage is an excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant herbal drug, inhibits the development of S. aureus, which is one of the most common causes of infectious lesions of the respiratory system;
  • Melissa thinning the mucus and enabling its abstraction with a cough;
  • raspberry leaves – a source of vitamin C and salicylates, having a good anti-inflammatory action;
  • the berries helps to relieve hoarseness and irritation of the mucosa in angina and acute respiratory viral infections;
  • Bur marigold, rich in essential oils and polyphenols with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties;
  • kelp, polysaccharides which stimulate the immune cell destruction of bacteria and viruses;
  • Ivan-tea that contains more vitamin C than in lemons and also works as a diaphoretic for colds;
  • chaga mushroom, increase nonspecific body resistance to infections.

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