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Tea "Beloyar" No. 8 Rhythmic
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Rich in substances that exhibit the properties of activation of regenerative processes in the heart and blood vessels.

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Tea "Beloyar" No. 8 Rhythmic

Who needs tea to support the cardiovascular system

the Plant components collected in the tea, No. 8, contribute to the improvement of the heart muscle and blood circulation throughout the body. "Beloyar" Rhythmic indicated for those who:

  • strives to take care of the health of your heart and blood vessels;
  • want to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all organs and systems;
  • lead an active lifestyle and sports;
  • on the contrary, gives the cardiovascular system a sufficient training load.

Operating elements of tea No. 8 is:

  • motherwort, having antihypertensive effect, is useful in increase of blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, vegetovascular dystonia;
  • Ivan-tea has on the heart and vessels stress-protective effect due to the flavonoid hyperoside;
  • kelp contains polysaccharides that reduce blood clotting, reducing the risk of thrombosis, and iodine required to prevent "iodine deficiency of the heart";
  • fruit of barberry due to the alkaloid berberine, is able to normalize blood pressure and heart rate;
  • chaga mushroom stimulating hematopoiesis;
  • hawthorn fruit, grass cottonweed and mint, reducing blood pressure by expanding blood vessels;
  • herb oregano, essential oils which have a slight sedative effect.

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