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Tea "Beloyar" No. 4 Vitamin
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Substances in the composition enriches body with vitamins and minerals, provide a complete course of various biochemical reactions and metabolic processes.

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Tea "Beloyar" No. 4 Vitamin

Who needs vitamin tea

the Basic principle of selection of the components for making "Beloyar" No. 4 – the most rich and diverse content of bioactive substances that are necessary for normal functioning of all organs and systems of our body. Healthy vitamin tea will be primarily for those who want

  • strengthen the natural immune defenses of the organism;
  • to improve concentration;
  • to improve their performance;
  • to support the work of the Central nervous system and glands of internal secretion;
  • to speed up recovery after injuries, illnesses or operations.

Sources of vitamins and other necessary for health compounds in tea No. 4 are:

  • berries rose hips, carrying the most extensive vitamin and mineral complex;
  • Ivan-tea vitamin C – the basics of the immune system – more than in lemons;
  • seaweed kelp, rich in iodine, vitamins A, E, With and PP, omega-3 fatty acids and essential (nelineinymi in the human body) amino acids – building blocks of all proteins, without exception;
  • birch fungus chaga contains ergosterol – pre-vitamin D
  • pine buds, which are rich in vitamin A, C, P, K, and trace elements;
  • marsh cinquefoil, containing essential oils, vitamin a and flavonoids, possessing wound-healing and anti-itching effect;
  • black currant leaves – a source of essential oils, tannins and volatile with antiseptic action;
  • the fruit of bilberry, which include tannins and fruit acids, pectin, improves digestion, and joints, improves blood flow to the retina of the eye;
  • horsetail, providing a tonic, diuretic and antiseptic properties.

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