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Tea "Beloyar" No. 2 Slimness
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Natural ingredients of tea contain substances that contribute to weight loss without harm.

Tea "Beloyar" No. 2 Slimness

Who is a tea to control body weight

the Main effect components included in the active formula of tea "Beloyar" No. 2 – contribute to the normalization of metabolism and maintenance of optimal fluid balance in the body. Tea is recommended for all those who seek:

  • to control the amount of fatty tissue in the body;
  • to get rid of excess weight;
  • to support the work of the liver and kidney;
  • withdraw excess fluid from the tissues, reducing the frequency and severity of edema.

of tea No. 2:

  • corn silk, which stimulate digestion, strengthening the liver and gall bladder, remove excess fluid, activating renal function, reduce sugar cravings and is used for the prevention of atherosclerosis and obesity;
  • leaves and inflorescences Ivan-tea, reduces the severity of swelling due to the diaphoretic effect;
  • juniper berries suppress appetite increase urine output;
  • elecampane root also has a diuretic effect;
  • horsetail is another herbal diuretic;
  • thallus kelp is extremely rich in iodine, necessary for thyroid function – one of the regulators of metabolism in the body;
  • birch fungus chaga, containing manganese, required for the synthesis of enzymes involved in metabolic processes;
  • fruits, apples, which a lot of pectin – adsorbents and stimulant of intestinal motility.

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