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Tea "Beloyar" No. 1 Cleansing
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Rich in substances that promote the release of toxins, speeding up the process of their destruction. Gives freedom for the activities of every cell and organism as a whole.

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Tea "Beloyar" No. 1 Cleansing

Who needs tea for cleaning the body

Components included in this product are selected in such a way that contribute to the improvement of the liver and kidneys – the main detoksiciruuschee organs of our body. Drinking cleansing tea "Beloyar" shown to those who want

  • to accelerate the excretion of toxic products of metabolism;
  • to support the work of the kidneys and liver;
  • improve your performance and concentration;
  • get extra protection from adverse environmental factors.

What is included in the composition of tea "Beloyar" No. 1:

  • flowers immortelle is a hepatoprotective and stimulant of the liver;
  • horsetail is an excellent diuretic, enhancing the detoxification function of the kidney;
  • sage, broth which improves blood flow (and blood pH) in the liver and kidneys, but also enhances intestinal motility;
  • the leaves of the silver birch – a good diuretic, at the same time stimulate the gallbladder;
  • leaves and inflorescences Ivan-tea has diaphoretic action that helps to eliminate toxins through the sweat glands;
  • fruits of viburnum, providing the antipyretic effect and also stimulating the secretion of sweat;
  • thallus kelp, polysaccharides which can bind ions of heavy metals, removing them from the body
  • birch fungus chaga, increases peristalsis, thereby colon cleanse;
  • strawberry leaf – source of vitamin C, needed for immune system function.

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