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MixTonic «Apple»

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Organic drink with Apple flavor will give You strength and helps you better cope with daily stress.

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MixTonic «Apple»

Who shows the reception of such tonic

Components of this food concentrate, micellar contribute to the maintenance of maximum work capacity and attention concentration during the whole working day. MixTonic "Apple" necessary for all those who intend:

  • to maintain a high productivity even in high load conditions;
  • to increase its resistance to stress;
  • get rid of the rapid onset of fatigue and distraction.

the product contains only all-natural components, preserving all its useful properties:

  • extract of sea buckthorn berries, oil which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative properties;
  • rosehips extract that contains huge amounts of vitamin C, essential for restoring connective tissue, and maintain immune system;
  • propolis extract – known immunostimulator and at the same time is a rich source of amino acids;
  • Siberian ginseng extract – a great adaptogen and powerful tonic;
  • natural thickeners and flavors in Apple essence, beet sugar, citric acid, pectin and potato starch.
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