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New Hit
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New Hit
Starter set
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Start confidently!

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Starter set
3 reviews

The beginner's starter set opens up a lot of abilities for you. This is not only a great way to strengthen the immune system, but also to start earning together with the Company!

The set includes absolute sales hits from Vertera, here you can find such sets 3 times more profitable + a universal tool for successful work - the Vertera catalogue.

Set composition:

* 32 pouch packs of Smart Start PRO-MAX (4 fruit flavors), a product for an easy transition to proper nutrition, created using PRO-MAX technology

* 1 pack of Sensation - a product whose monthly course can qualitatively reload the body, activating the immune system and returning excellent health.

* The new Vertera catalogue is a full-fledged guide to the company's products and philosophy with vivid photos and useful information according to the assortment.

The starter set from Vertera is:

* USEFUL. With seaweed nutrition Smart Start and immunocomplex Sensation, you will feel the renewal of the body from the first days of administration.

* PROFITABLE. The set contains only those products with maximum demand and 3 times more profitable.

* EXCLUSIVE. The starter set can be obtained only 1 time. We made it especially for those who dreams of starting their own business.

* PROMISING. Together with the se, you will get an excellent personal sales tool - the Vertera product catalogue. As well as other step-by-step programs are opened for you, allowing you to develop business with the Company!

A start full of possibilities!

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