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SMART KID® (24 pcs.) Pear-Apple
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A children’s food product based on laminaria hydrolysate and natural apple and pear puree. It is suitable for the prevention of iodine deficiency in children over 3 years old.

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SMART KID® (24 pcs.) Pear-Apple
3 reviews

SMART KID® is an unparalleled children’s food with seaweed. It is easily digested, does not contain sugar, preservative agents, artificial flavors and colors.

The natural product is designed for the gentle prevention of iodine deficiency, strengthening the immune system and developing the child's intelligence.

Smart Child Set® Apple-Pear (24 pcs.)

Seaweed active components in the composition of SMART KID® children’s food.

Organic iodine

Regulates all metabolic processes in the body. It plays a key role in the formation and functioning of the nervous system, the development of the brain and its functions: thinking, attention, memory. That is why it is called a trace element of intelligence!

Micro- and macroelements (iron, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, etc.) are involved into the formation of hormones that regulate the child`s growth and overall development.

They give a boost to the formation of protein cells, the main building material of organs and systems. They participate in the formation and effective work of the immune system, the development and protection of the brain.

Vitamins C, E, D, PP, K, E, and group B

Stimulate cellular metabolism, affect the development of the skeleton, muscles, internal organs, nervous tissue, tooth enamel and gums, and help to strengthen the body defenses.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9)

are involved into the formation and development of the child's nervous system. Strengthen the immune system, have antioxidant properties. They provide the digestibility of phosphorus and calcium necessary for the development of bones, teeth, as well as vitamins E, A, D, K for the health of skin, hair and nails.

Amino acids (replaceable and irreplaceable)

They are the basis for the formation of protein molecules — the "bricks" from which the body is built. SMART KID® Nutrition contains all 8 essential amino acids for humans and arginine, which is extremely necessary for children's development!

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