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Thalasso cold gel

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Fitosterolami Cooling gel for the correction on the basis of seaweed and menthol.

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Thalasso cold gel

The activity of the components of the composition of the cooling gel, Seaweed Gel, Cold aimed at the activation of blood circulation, removal of edema, elimination of stagnation, increased input of nutrients to the cells of the body. You need a consummate master, to return your youth and beauty? Then this product was:

  • activates microcirculation and metabolism in tissues, promotes elimination of toxins and breakdown of fat;
  • has a lymphatic drainage, a detoxifying action, eliminates edema and eliminates the effect of "orange peel";
  • slows aging, rejuvenates tissues, prekrasno moisturizes, cleanses and protects the skin;
  • stimulates the regeneration and toning, improves overall skin tone and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Fitosterolami gel contains a large range of useful components:

  • kelp is a storehouse of valuable elements and beneficial compounds in bioavailable form. Active ingredients of kelp have moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antioxidant, tonic and healing properties;
  • fucus – contain unique, having no analogues among terrestrial plants, the set of macro - and microelements, vitamins. Stimulates the metabolism, stimulates the renewal processes in the skin and lipolysis, as well as eliminates cellulite;
  • aloe helps skin regeneration, increases collagen synthesis and elastin, restores the pH balance. Promotes cell renewal, improves blood circulation, saturates skin cells with the necessary amount of moisture;
  • menthol – has a tonic effect on blood vessels, improves circulation, helps eliminate toxins, the flow of blood, facilitates drainage and circulation. Has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • copper chlorophyll derivatives are immunomodulators, have antiseptic, antifungal and blood-forming effect. Stimulate skin regeneration, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal actions.
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