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Contains herbal ingredients that helps to optimize respiratory function, better protection of the lungs and bronchial infections.

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Who is a phytocomplex to support the respiratory system

this product is recommended for those who want

  • strengthen protection for the lungs and bronchi from viral and bacterial infections, especially in the period of increased risk of colds;
  • to ensure the prevention of autoimmune inflammatory lesions of the lungs;
  • to reduce the risk of developing allergic disorders such as bronchial asthma;
  • always have a free nasal breathing;
  • free to play sports and lead an active lifestyle.

Composition Respiramix

This phytocomplex contains herbal components that improve respiratory function, improve the protection of the lungs and bronchial infections, and autoimmune and allergic lesions. Part Respiramix included:

  • the gel from kelp, polysaccharides which are able to inhibit the activity of IgE – the main component of allergic reactions;
  • nettle, enhancing gas exchange processes in pulmonary tissue;
  • cabbage, promote the regulation of the content of sodium salts and water-salt balance, which is important in the inflammation of the bronchi;
  • meadowsweet has anti-inflammatory action;
  • white willow bark, stimulating the secretion in the bronchial tree;
  • mother-and-stepmother, having a pronounced antitussive effect and thinning phlegm.

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