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the Complex of natural components in the composition of the daily diet – the health of the kidneys and urinary system as a whole.

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When necessary the complex to support the work of the kidneys

this product is indicated for:

  • prevent a variety of diseases of the urinary system;
  • reduce the risk of stone formation in the kidneys and urinary bladder
  • stimulation of the organs of the small pelvis with a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work;
  • enhance the detoxification activity and accelerated blood purification;
  • improvement of reproductive function;
  • maintaining water-salt and acid-base homeostasis.

What is included in the Renomix

Components included in the formula of this herbal phytocomplex, contribute to improving the work of kidneys, bladder, and other parts of the urinary system. The crucial role of kidneys in human body – detoxification by filtering the blood. Bioactive components contained in Renomix is:

  • celery, antibacterial effect required for the prevention of urinary tract infection;
  • horsetail is a good diuretic;
  • leaves cranberries – another stimulant for the excretion of urine and antiseptic at the same time;
  • parsley, possessing anti-edematous effect by increasing fluid kidneys;
  • the gel from kelp, contains a large complex of biologically active compounds, necessary to the kidneys;
  • dill, useful as anti-inflammatory agents for pyelonephritis and urolithiasis;
  • Valerian, has antispasmodic effect on the bladder wall and ureters;
  • cabbage and raspberries, relieves irritation in the urinary system;
  • root vegetables rutabagas, enhancing the excretion of urine.

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