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Rich in substances that contribute to the coordinated work of the nervous system, supplying it with all necessary energy, structural and metabolic substances.

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Who needs a phyto-complex to support nervous system

portions of this product are specially designed to facilitate coordinated functioning of the CNS, supplying it with all necessary energy, structural and metabolic substances. Welcome Nervomix recommended in case you intend:

  • to strengthen your memory;
  • to strengthen their own intellectual capabilities;
  • your body will ensure good protection from the effects of chronic stress;
  • to smooth the peak of the manifestation of psycho-emotional reactions;
  • to improve performance and concentration.

part Nervomix included:

  • the gel from kelp, containing a large amount of bromine involved in the processes of inhibition and excitation of the Central nervous system;
  • Valerian that have a calming effect;
  • black cohosh has been contributing to improvement in depressive and neurotic disorders, anxiety, insomnia and other violations of psychoemotional sphere;
  • cabbage, components which participate in the transmission of nerve impulses;
  • thyme – the essential oil contained in it stimulates the brain;
  • hop cones, working as a mild sedative and calming agent;
  • saltwort, strengthen vasculature and improve blood flow to the brain;
  • ginseng – a good stimulant of the nervous activity and mental reactions.
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