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Substances in the product start a process of correction of the immune system, Supplement the deficiency of the natural elements necessary for the body.

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When should I take complex for immune support

This product is indicated primarily for those who want to strengthen and protect your body from infectious lesions and external toxic factors. Welcome Immunomix will be especially relevant in the autumn-spring period, which increases the risk of colds viral and bacterial nature. In addition, this natural product is recommended to those who are living in adverse environmental conditions, as well as in the period of rehabilitation after a variety of pathologies.

What is included in the Immunomix:

  • freeze-dried gel of kelp, polysaccharides which stimulate phagocytosis – the absorption of immunocompetent cells of foreign agents;
  • alfalfa, which has lots of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, potassium and silicon – all these minerals are necessary for normal immune function;
  • Siberian ginseng increases the synthesis of interferon;
  • Echinacea, which, like eleuthero, is a natural immune stimulator;
  • celery, giving the body a range of vitamins;
  • the root of Rhodiola rosea with good wound healing and restorative effect;
  • carrots – source of retinoids, substances that increase metabolism and effectively fight infections;
  • wheat grass rendering General tonic action and containing a lot of vegetable proteins, required for the synthesis of immunoglobulins.

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