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product features contribute to support and improve detoxification, and energy-producing functions of the liver.

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Who will benefit "Hepafood"

the Components of this product are specially selected to help support and improve detoxification, and energy-producing functions of the liver. "Heafod" is recommended for all those who want

  • take care of the health of the largest gland in the body;
  • increase the elimination of toxins from the cells and blood;
  • to stimulate digestion and the gastrointestinal tract;
  • to improve the complexion, tone and texture of the skin, your appearance in General;
  • to prevent gallbladder disease.

What is included in the "Hepafood"

the Sea and Apple pectin components, which have strong adsorbent properties. An important component is the endive, stimulate the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Apart from chicory in the "Hepatoma" includes a number of herbal extracts:

  • milk Thistle – one of the best herbal medications on the basis of which is made even pharmaceutical drugs;
  • corn – wonderful cholagogue;
  • tansy, can reduce the content of mucus in the bile, and improve the muscle tone of the intestines;
  • rose, who supply the whole set of vitamins and minerals needed for the liver;
  • chamomile – a wonderful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents;
  • dandelion, exciting the appetite and increasing the secretion of the liver;
  • ginseng – known immunostimulant.
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