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ingredients that help cleanse the blood of toxins and improve the hematopoietic and circulatory systems.

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recommended "Hemofood"

This phytocomplex will be useful for those who:

  • wants to protect the cardiovascular system from damage;
  • cares about the health of blood vessels and blood;
  • wants to provide your cells the increased flow of oxygen and nutrients;
  • want to improve their intellectual and physical abilities.

this herbal blend contains only all-natural ingredients. They are designed to fully and efficiently contribute to cleanse the blood of toxins and improve the hematopoietic and circulatory systems. "Hemofood" consists of:

  • celery that increase blood filtration in the kidney;
  • hawthorn extract, which is useful for cleaning the blood and walls of vessels;
  • red ash, stimulates metabolism;
  • fungus fungus stabilizing blood pressure;
  • Apple pectin and sea – adsorbents, deducing from an organism of salt of heavy metals;
  • nettle, which improves the processing of glucose and supply the body with vitamins C and A, needed for operation of vessels;
  • rose hips, helps with colds, and contain large amounts of vitamins;
  • Ivan-tea helps to relieve the effects of chronic stress;
  • blackcurrant – a source of vitamins and minerals, particularly potassium, needed for heart function;
  • strawberry powder, giving the product an excellent taste.

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