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a comprehensive Program of rejuvenation, cleansing and protection of the basic systems of the human body, responsible for health and prevention of premature aging processes.

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Who needs a program DRR-protection

Components included in the product, universal and useful:

  • when dealing with chronic fatigue and emotional stress;
  • loss of concentration and fatigue;
  • when emotional instability;
  • during the recovery period after surgery or illness;
  • to maintain youth and beauty;
  • in the health-building purposes, etc.

This mixture of plant components – complete natural program for maintaining your youth and health. Its feature is a comprehensive approach to impact on all body systems. The program DRR-protection includes seven unique products, based on more than 50 medicinal herbs.

  • "Vita-minput": components included in the product is a great source of vitamins and microelements, necessary for normal functioning of your body;
  • "Gemmated" contributes to optimization of functions of the hematopoietic and circulatory systems, as well as functions of oxygen delivery and nutrients to the cells;
  • "Aeroput" helps protect blood vessels from forming atherosclerotic plaques;
  • "Respirated" helps support a healthy respiratory system;
  • "Gastropod" contributes to the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • "Heafod" enhances detoxification function of the liver;
  • "Profoud" helps to stimulate cleansing of the kidneys.

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