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Thalasso slim scrub

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Modeling of a body scrub based on marine algae refreshes the skin, leaving it amazingly soft, delicate and velvety.

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Thalasso slim scrub

Sculpting the body scrub renews the skin, leaving it amazingly soft, delicate and velvety. Helps to reduce the volume of the body, improves metabolism, prevents the appearance of cellulite. If You need:

  • to enrich the skin with mineral nutrients and improve oxygen exchange;
  • moisturize, strengthen and restore the skin's structure;
  • to stimulate the process of regeneration and elimination of toxins;
  • to prepare the skin for the application of modeling tools, providing deep penetration and increasing their effectiveness.

Then this product is perfect for You. Its components are:

  • kelp is a storehouse of valuable elements and beneficial compounds in a bioavailable form;
  • fucus stimulates the metabolism, stimulates the renewal processes in the skin and lipolysis, as well as eliminates cellulite;
  • aloe helps skin regeneration, increases collagen synthesis and elastin, restores pH balance;
  • grape seed oil nourishes, refreshes, tones the skin increases skin elasticity and accelerating the regeneration process;
  • the bones of raspberries and blackberries gently promote exfoliation of dead cells of the skin;
  • chamomile extract stimulates the cells of the blood circulation, normalizes and improves all metabolic processes;
  • yarrow extract promotes rapid cell regeneration, improves blood circulation and tightens the pores;
  • copper chlorophyll derivatives are immunomodulators, stimulate the regeneration of the skin.
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