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Rich in substances for nutrition the cardiovascular system necessary elements of organic and mineral groups and normalizing blood cholesterol and sugar.

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Who needs a complex to support the work of the heart and vessels

Cardiomix shown to those who want

  • to increase the threshold of fatigue during physical and mental exertion;
  • provide your heart with everything necessary for normal operation;
  • to maintain the tone of the vasculature, improving blood flow to all organs and systems;
  • to reduce the risk of blood clots, atherosclerotic changes, the emergence of coronary heart disease.

Composition Cardiomix

the formula of this herbal phytocomplex assembled components that contribute to the maintenance of the heart muscle. They help clear the vessels from excessive deposits of cholesterol and to normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. For this part Cardiomix included:

  • the gel from kelp, polysaccharides which reduces blood viscosity and is able to bind fat in it, thereby reducing the cholesterol level;
  • leuzea shilovidnye, toning the cardiovascular system, improving contractility of the cardiac muscles;
  • Rhodiola rosea root, which contains substances called adaptogens and Immunostimulants;
  • celery, can expand blood vessels, lowering blood pressure;
  • Valerian – sedative anti-stress acting on the psychogenic component of hypertension;
  • willow bark containing substances, removing inflammatory reaction on the inner surface of the vascular wall;
  • horse chestnut, improves the tone of veins, which stimulates venous return, and serves as prophylaxis of thrombosis;
  • the hawthorn, the fruits of which contain compounds that relieve the spasm of peripheral vessels;
  • grape seed extract, contribute to the normalization of blood pressure;
  • ginseng, which stimulates the immune system and improves the flowing properties of blood;
  • the leaf extract of bergenia, enhancing cardiac function and normalizes the rhythm of cardiac contractions.

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