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The Complex of natural components contains substances that contribute to the normalization of metabolism, prevention of atherosclerosis, the cleansing of the body.

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When will it be useful "Atherofood"

the Main task of the components that make up this fitoprodukt – complete prevention of deposition of atherosclerotic plaques on the inner wall of the vessel. Such plaque is the leading cause of heart attacks. Therefore, the "Atherofood" recommended for:

  • increased body weight;
  • sedentary, office work;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • chronic disorders diet with an abundance of fatty foods;
  • the presence of bad habits, primarily Smoking.

Composition "Atherofood"

enjoy a taste attached to the product powder of Apple and peach. Apple pectin and sea are responsible for adsorbing action, preventing the entering of toxins into the blood. But the basic components "Atherofood" is the extracts:

  • cinquefoil, reducing blood pressure and prevents deposition of salts in the blood vessels;
  • wheat germ – source of amino acids and b vitamins, and substances that reduce the amount of fat in the blood;
  • calendula, bioflavonoids which relieve spasm of vascular wall and improve heart function;
  • violet, can purify blood and fight with hypertension;
  • horse chestnut that reduce blood viscosity and not allowing it to stagnate in the venous depot;
  • Siberian ginseng – immunostimulant and tools that optimize vascular tone;
  • fennel – antispasmodic and anti-stress tools;
  • horsetail – an antioxidant and source of vitamin C, necessary for vessels.

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