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seaweeds and plant extracts in the composition of the phytocomplex contain substances that releases the body from parasites, protecting them from the threat of contamination.

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Who needs antiparasitic complex

In the first place for those who want to get rid of parasites in the intestine and also take care of further preventing such infection. In addition, the natural composition of the phytocomplex includes components that help improve the overall immune system of the body, enhance resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Composition Anihelmmix:

  • cloves are fragrant, possessing a direct protivospazmaticheskim effect;
  • pumpkin seeds is an effective herbal remedies to remove pinworms and ascarids from the intestines;
  • thyme is a source of thymol, which is the basis for many de-worming medicines;
  • parsley is a good remedy for anthelmintic prevention;
  • the tansy is a strong cholagogue, which has a toxic effect on the worms;
  • gel brown kelp seaweed – an excellent adsorbent of toxins produced by intestinal parasites, as well as a nutrient source;
  • onions – great phytoncid possessing anti-infective activity.

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