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AngioLive, produced by Plasma Technology: the start of sales is open
Meet Forte Original and Vertera Gel in a new format – sales are open!
Meet Forte Original and Vertera Gel in a new ...
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AngioLive, produced by Plasma Technology: the start of sales is open

Now the favorite product is available in gel and freeze-dried forms!

AngioLive Original is a product of algae nutrition from laminaria and fucus for effective detox and antioxidant protection at the cellular level.

The new generation of Plasma Technology biotechnology has made AngioLive Original even more effective and digestible!

The product is presented in 2 different forms - hydrogel and encapsulated lyophilizate. They are equivalent in terms of the content of useful substances, digestibility, safety and benefits for the body.

AngioLive Original gel and lyophilizate are already on sale!

Lyophilized AngioLive Original gel in capsules — a product of 3 new-generation biotechnologies at once:

  1. Plasma Technology — technology of fermentation of polysaccharides of laminaria and fucus from Vertera, patented in 2022, to obtain a high-value seaweed gel. Now all the most valuable micronutrients of plasma, cell walls and polysaccharides of brown seaweed are bioavailable to the body!
  2. Lyophilization — low-temperature vacuum drying of Plasma gel to preserve all the properties and benefits of the product in gel form.
  3. Microcapsulation is the process of obtaining small plasma particles (from fractions of a micron!) with their subsequent conclusion in the thinnest shell. In this form, seaweed nutrients are reliably protected from gastric juice and are completely absorbed in the intestine.

AngioLive Original is a comprehensive detox, strong immunity, powerful antioxidant protection and slowing down the aging of the body. Saturating it with valuable micronutrients of brown seaweed, AngioLive Original provides a balanced work of homeostasis.

What is more convenient for you — 4 capsules or 4 spoons of gel for comprehensive health care?

The choice is yours, both products have identical benefits!

Hurry up to order AngioLive Original in a new format to be the first to appreciate the convenience of its use and get excellent results!

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AngioLive Original Lyophilizate

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