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Does kelp gel have any taste or smell?

Vertera Gel is a gel-like product that tastes and smells like laminaria, but you can mix two spoons of the gel in a glass of any fruit or vegetable juice to enjoy just the taste and smell of juice when you drink it.

How are Vertera products different from vitamin and mineral complexes sold at pharmacies? 

Each vitamin has several naturally occurring forms, however only one of them can be synthesized by men yet. Natural vitamins are more varied and beneficial than the artificially recreated ones and, besides, they are better digested. Vertera products contain minerals in their organic form to be easier processed by the body, that is why there are no counterindications for the products because they have been created by nature itself.

​It would be logical to assume that if kelp is so beneficial for human health, then it can be taken in any form?

The Vertera products stand out for their preparation technology. Our know-how is a special way of processing kelp to destroy the hard-cellular shell and produce a homogeneous molecular mass. Otherwise, the useful components of kelp will transit through the human body; they will not be absorbed by the cells and will not have any beneficial effect.The state-of-the art technology that we use helps to extract all the necessary components from laminaria.

Partner programme

How can I become a member of the Vertera Partnership Program?

How can I become a member of the Vertera Partnership Program? To join the Vertera Partnership Program and start earning, click “Partner’s account” in the upper right-hand corner of our website. Then fill in the registration form (all fields are mandatory; your password must be at least 8-symbols long and contain at least one capital Latin letter) and click “Become a Partner”.

​How can I upload documents when concluding a Partnership Agreement with Vertera?

To conclude a partnership agreement, log in into your Account and go to “Partnership Agreement”. There you will find detailed information on the Partnership Agreement.

By the side of “Signed application copy” click “Select file” to upload a scanned copy of the application from your computer, then click “Send”.

By the side of “Passport copy” click “Select file” to upload a scanned copy of your passport from your computer, then click “Send”. The file for uploading should not exceed 2 Mb.


​ What does the name Vertera mean and how can it be translated? 

The name of the company reflects its energy. “Verte” means “turn the page, start from a new page”. “Ra” was the ancient name of the Volga river near the source of which the production plant stands. Furthermore, “Vert-Terra” can be understood as “green planet”, the symbol of plenty and of the very life.

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